Before You Start Taking, Or If You Are Taking Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Mevacor, Provachol, Altocor, Lesacol... or any other statin medication - STOP!!

You Need To Read Dr. Lundell's Alarming Bulletin Immediately, Because...

Dropping Your Cholesterol Levels Will NOT Lower
Your Risk Of Heart Disease, Attack, Or Strokes!

Dr. Dwight Lundell says, "In my career as a cardiac surgeon, I've performed over 5,000 heart surgeries. Most of these could have been easily prevented had the patients been given the right information."

YOU Can Prevent And Cure Heart Disease AND Reverse Damage That's Been Done Without Statin Medication!!

You have the power, and if you will take control now, your life changes from this moment on. I want you to forget everything you have heard, read or been told about low-fat diets, saturated fats, cholesterol and the causes of heart disease.

This is the truth: It doesn't matter if you're looking to prevent heart disease, whether there's a history in your family, or if you've been diagnosed and warned of the imminent dangers you face - heart disease has a cure. Heart disease does not have to be a death sentence. You can beat it without harmful medications and painful, risky surgery.

The Great Cholesterol Lie
Order Now!
Testimonials Testimonials

Dick Wright "I Got Out Of My Wheelchair From Your Book!"

I'm 63 years old, a heart patient with kidney failure 4 times, five by-passes, heart attack, two pace makers, was on two insulin shots a day, cholesterol medication. I never smoked, drank alcohol, nor drank coffee in all these years and I've been real sick for ten years. I met Dr. Lundell and finally his words and presentation sunk into my head that I had to make dietary lifestyle changes. I made this decision, began taking massive doses of fish oil, CLA and other supplements Dr. Lundell recommends and 7 days later when I tested my blood sugar, it came down from the normal of 250-300 down to 100. I took myself off insulin and a month later, the VA officially took me off.

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How The War On Cholesterol Began!

Back in the late 40's, scientists and researchers assembled in Framingham, NY to study the cause of, and hopefully find a cure for heart disease.

This group, known as the "The Framingham Study" made some headway into discovering some things that contribute to heart disease. Then, in 1961, they stumbled upon cholesterol and with incomplete "faulty" research, lacking in scientific fact, became so convinced they found the answer, other research was disregarded and tunnel vision set in.

Unfortunately, this "tunnel vision" blinded researchers and regulators from the truth that was right in front of them and big drug companies and special interest lobby groups used these findings to capitalize for their own greed.

Soon after, the low-fat theory was born and the Food Pyramid followed that promoted manufactured, low-fat foods filled with sugar, promoted starches all of which the human body was never designed to process.

Testimonials Testimonials

Jon Penn "...The First Thing I Did Was Throw Out Lipitor"

There were so many amazing aspects to your book, where to begin? The first thing I did was throw Lipitor in the trash, ordered your recommendations, and attacked the pantry. I saw the war going on you so aptly described, envisioned clearly how items we call "food" appear as a foreign invader for the body to attack - just as the body is suppose to but to think non-food, some concoction in a package does this! Then I got mad at the food industry, the government, the people who profit from our ill-health and I'll never let them profit from me or my health again. I am one of those who relied on low-fat to lose weight and only gained-for years. Thank you so much for your book. How brave you are to tell it like it is. I also follow doctor's orders - and my doctor said Omega-3 would not help all that is wrong with my health. Had I not read your book, I'd still be taking Lipitor and creating heart disease - not stopping it. Thank you so much. J. Penn, TN

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Here's The Truth - Cholesterol Is Vital, Not Evil!

Once you see how this colossal error began and allowed to continue, you'll understand that cholesterol is absolutely essential for human life. It is manufactured by the body and in fact, if you don't get enough from foods you eat, your body will manufacture its own supply. That's how important it is.

Countless clinical studies have shown that lowering the amount of cholesterol in your diet has little to no effect on the amount that ultimately circulates through your blood stream.

But, in spite of an overwhelming collection of evidence, we still cling to the notion of a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, and the idea that heart disease is a result of too much cholesterol floating through arteries.

Why? Because we are bombarded with statin drug commercials, mass media, marketing hype and doctors who insist cholesterol must be lowered.

And yet, having followed the cholesterol theory for decades, the facts, which are proven time and time again, say:

  • Heart disease deaths continued to soar throughout all these decades reaching epidemic proportions.
  • Reducing the risk of cholesterol has no effect on the risk of heart disease.
  • Low-fat diets do not reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • A daily dose of aspirin, an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (not a fat emulsifier!) does reduce the risk of chronic heart disease - proof again that inflammation, not cholesterol is the enemy within (ignored in the Framingham Study).

So, why are our doctors and pharmaceutical companies treating cholesterol when...

Inflammation Is The Real Reason Over 850,000
People Die Every Year From Heart Disease!

Let's be honest. How much money is at stake here? For over 50 years pharmaceutical companies created drugs, doctors followed the cholesterol myth while Americans became conditioned to believe they must reduce cholesterol to prevent heart disease. So they take statin medication, as prescribed, and hope for the best.

And now, there's a mad rush to prescribe statin medication preventatively... to people who have normal cholesterol levels! Read Dr. Lundell's very important response to...


Obviously, something is seriously wrong when heart disease is still the number one taker of human life!

This is what you are about to discover - how treating the wrong cause created an epidemic of heart disease since 1948.

What is inflammation? It is simply your body's natural, physiological response to protect itself from a foreign substance but under the right set of circumstances, it can literally turn against you in your arteries setting up a chain reaction of events with deadly consequences.

Quote Quote

Quote From "The Great Cholesterol Lie", By Dr. Lundell

I'd be in the midst of surgery, looking down at a patient, thinking, this man should not by lying on my table. He doesn't have the typical risk factors for heart disease. His cholesterol is in check, doesn't drink or smoke and he is not obese. Yet, he had the same condition I saw in each and every surgical patient - inflammation.

Quote Quote

You see, after performing 5,000 open heart surgeries, Dr. Lundell, one of the first heart surgeons to operate on a beating heart, began developing theories of his own born out of the death and tragedy he saw on his operating table everyday for over 25 years.

And, he had to find out for himself, test his theories and he left the operating room to open his clinic to TEST those theories on REAL people in controlled settings.

Testimonials Testimonials

Ruben Rice "After Reading Your Book, We Changed Our Lifestyle"

Just want to tell you how much I needed your book and how much we enjoyed it. I was wounded in the military a number of years ago and have been using a wheelchair ever since. That type of Lifestyle limits my exercise so I was starting to run into real problems including heart disease. After reading your book we changed our life style. Got a few pounds to come off and need to lose some more. Thanks for your time you spent writing this book, and I'm looking forward to your next one. R. Rice, Arizona

Testimonials Testimonials

Testimonials Testimonials

Darrel Johnson "Your Book Has Completely Inspired Me... I Loved Your Book!"

First I loved your book! I teach anatomy and physiology at the college level, have a master's degree in exercise science, and have been a conditioning specialist for over 25 years. Your book has completely inspired me to continue to try to change lives w/ healthy living w/ the proper education. I definitely will be sharing a great deal of what you have written so that I too can change lives and help others! D. Johnson

Testimonials Testimonials

Testimonials Testimonials

Stewart Koker "I Am Putting All Your Recommendations Into Practice Now"

First of all, thank you for a great book with great wisdom. Thank you for your approach to preventive and integrative medicine. I am about two thirds through your book and cannot put it down. I am putting all your recommendations into practice now. S. Koker

Testimonials Testimonials

This Book Is A Result Of Those Case Studies Proving Inflammation Is The REAL Cause of Heart Disease And Inflammation Is Easily Treated!!

Dr. Lundell proved, beyond any doubt, that YOU can cure heart disease! When you follow this simple, proven, health changing program, you'll STOP - and REVERSE the inflammation that's damaging your arteries causing heart disease. It really is that simple. And now he's written a book to show you how!

The Great Cholesterol Lie
Order Now!
Testimonials Testimonials

Diana Wise "Your Book Enlightened Me and Gave Us Much Hope"

My 57 yr old husband had a heart attack & emergency bypass (6) surgery, a complete shock! He has low blood pressure, normal cholesterol, normal weight, but sedentary lifestyle. Your book enlightened me and gave us much hope but I am afraid to talk to our cardiologist who I think will not agree with your approach. Can you recommend someone? THANK YOU! D. Wills

Testimonials Testimonials

What Will You Learn Inside
"The Great Cholesterol Lie?"

  • The most famous long-term study in heart research... and how it led to the most devastating mistake in health care!
  • Why so many people who undergo bypass surgery are right back on that table ten years later... still not obese... still not smoking... and still with no elevated cholesterol
  • The essential response your body has to a foreign substance anywhere... and how it can turn against you, when it occurs in your arteries!
  • How 41% of ALL deaths in America could be prevented easily, simply, and virtually cost-free!
  • Why lowering your cholesterol intake is not helping lower your risk of heart attack... and may actually be doing you more harm!
  • How a healthy heart is meant to function... and how you can keep it that way, simply and easily!
  • How to recognize the signs of a heart attack... and the best course of action to ensure you survive!
  • The devastation being wreaked upon our nation's health - and healthcare system - by the USDA's "Food Pyramid"!
  • The fallacy of a low-fat diet - where the idea came from, the results of the experiment, and what needs to be done to overcome it!
  • The current state of heart health care... what's working... what isn't... and how to tell the difference, so you don't become a victim of The System!
  • The connection between inflammation, obesity and heart disease. (Don't just assume you know this one!)
  • Why some people never suffer from heart disease... even on a high-cholesterol diet!
  • How the following factors affect the health of your heart... and your chances for living to a ripe old age: protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake... smoking... exercise... environmental influences... sugar... prostaglandins
  • "Omega-3", "omega-6", saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans-fats... if you're confused by all this, and wondering whether you really need to care what fat is which... this book will straighten it all out for you. (And yes... you sure do!)
  • Which nutritional supplements are life-saving... and which are money-wasting (or even downright dangerous!)
  • You'll get your "prescription" for eating out - even fast-food restaurants can yield a few heart-healthy options, when you know what to watch for... and watch OUT for!
  • ... plus TONS of Tips to make your heart healthier, and your life richer and more rewarding!

Written And Guaranteed By A 25 Year Heart
Surgeon Who Doesn't Want You On His Table!

Dr. Lundell has proven time and time again YOU can prevent and cure heart disease - not Dr. Lundell. You. All you need to save your life is simple, easy-to-follow adjustments in your diet.

Take a few things out - put a few things in and eliminate heart disease forever. It is not difficult but it takes a serious decision to do something! And it takes having the right knowledge at your fingertips. Dr. Lundell gives you that, plus he's there to answer your questions.

How many doctors do you know who will do that? The reason is, he truly cares about you. He cares about curing heart disease. As a surgeon, he repaired damaged hearts; by writing this book and giving you simple steps to follow, he knows you can heal your heart.

Testimonials Testimonials

Rachel Clark "Truly a Great Book by a Great Doctor"

Truly a great book by a great doctor. I could not lay the book down until I had devoured it cover to cover. My husband had a heart attack with angiogram and two stents. He has been following your recommendations for 1 1/2 months. It truly is a Godsend to us. He is doing very well. Please tell us where you are located. We are considering moving there, just to have you as his doctor. R. Clark

Testimonials Testimonials

Testimonials Testimonials

Marchall and Rose Cardiff "We Thank God You Had The Courage To Reveal The Truth"

My husband Marshall, and I are so thankful for Dr. Lundell and the great service he has provided for us by writing his heart book. After years of great health, to our surprise in January 2008 Marshall had angioplasty which resulting in 2 stens and SIX drugs to be taken twice daily. We researched the dangerous side effects of the drugs and determined to find a better way. We prayed and searched for an answer. Our friend gave us Dr. Lundell's book which was so interesting I could not put it down, but read it thru immediately. We thank GOD that he had the courage to reveal the truth to us... we only wish that we had read the book BEFORE the problem!

On March 1, 2008, Marshall went off the drugs (we gave the book to the cardiologist here). Last week Marshall's lab work results were: ALL VITAL SIGNS EXCELLENT. Thank you Dr. Lundell for helping us... you truly are a doctor who lives the words: 'First of all do NO harm!' We thank you with all our heart. May GOD richly reward you. Gratefully, Marshall and Rose Cardiff

Testimonials Testimonials

Testimonials Testimonials

Margie Pammer "...Thought Provoking And Easy To Understand"

I just finished your book (in 1.5 days) Thought provoking and easy to understand for the lay person who I hope follow your recommendations. As nurse specializing in perioperative cardio-thoracic surgery and a reader of many articles on the subject of heart disease, I totally agree with you. Lets hope that many people read your book and begin to awaken to the changes they need to make. M. Pammer

Testimonials Testimonials

41% Of All Deaths In America Are
The Result Of Heart Disease

So, if we ignore, for the moment all accidental death.

Is it not safe to say that "the average American" dies from heart disease?

Now consider this: If you eat the "average American diet" and you live "the average American lifestyle"...

What makes you think you'll escape "the average American fate?"

It may be obvious to you by now that if you eat only what the Government and Medical Establishment tell you, your chances are 50/50 you'll die from heart disease!

Sadly, even young people are falling victim to this government-funded epidemic so don't kid yourself with the notion that you've got "plenty of time to change."

You don't. If you aren't already intimately familiar with what Dr. Lundell shares in this book (and chances are quite good you are not) it is very safe to say you...

Ignore this message at your own peril - literally.

Tell me, do you know anyone with heart disease? Are they living the life of their dreams, of your dreams? Or, are they doing one of the following...

  • Taking life easy - avoiding activities that require "undue exertion" or...
  • Getting by day-by-day, on prescription medications that keep their heart pumping and their blood flowing - and put other aspects of their health at risk?

Is this what you really want?

No! Wouldn't you rather be playing touch football with your children and grandchildren; or go cross-country skiing with your friends; water-ski with the family; ride the rollercoaster of life with no fear of your heart stopping, mid-ride?

All without the use of dangerous prescription drugs?

Dr. Lundell's recommendations are easy to follow, so simple to implement and meant to last a lifetime - YOUR lifetime.

"The Great Cholesterol Lie" is a guide to LIVING - not merely "staying alive."

You won't find any ridiculously difficult-to-follow diets - no exotic concoctions brewed from "rare tropical botanicals" - nothing that would cost you an arm-and-a-leg just to save your heart.

A guide that can't be followed won't get you anywhere!

Dr. Lundell lays out exactly which foods pack the greatest punch in the battle against inflammation and heart disease and foods that are the cruelest killers.

He recommends specific supplements meant only to supplement your natural diet.

He tells you which health screening tests you should get done - and which to avoid.

He takes you by the hand and teaches you how to "eat out" (YES, even fast food restaurants can be safe once you understand the healthiest choices!)

He recommends simple substitutions you can make to "overhaul" your diet easily and painlessly extinguish the inflammation fire within.

Order Now Order Now

You can literally start right now to make a positive difference in the health of your heart, the years in your life, and the life in your years.

Limited Time TV Show Special Price $49.95

Now, I honestly cannot imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit from the secrets revealed in this pages - no one.

Quite simply...

If you have a heart and you want your heart to last a long lifetime, extinguish the fire that rages within, you need to order Dr. Lundell's book today!

I guarantee it can turn your health around.

In fact, I'm going to make you this promise right now...

It's The Best Book On Eliminating
Heart Disease Ever Read... Or

"Your Money Back!"

You have never read a book like this ever. How do I know? It has never been written before. A book so powerful that when you put its advice to work, your life begins to change for the better almost immediately.

Sure, you can "take your time" and "think it over" but at the risk of sounding "dramatic," how much time do any of us have? And how can we possible know?

So here's a much better idea:

Order your copy of The Great Choelsterol Lie - right now, in fact!

Place Your Order Now, And Within Minutes
You Will Know Exactly How Easily You Can
Eliminate Heart Disease Forever!!

All without leaving the very chair you are sitting in.

Dr. Lundell's ground-breaking book, "The Great Cholesterol Lie" turns the medical world upside down and is available to you today as an instantly - downloadable e-book for the very special, limited time TV Show price of $49.95.

The Great Cholesterol Lie
Order Now!
Order Now Order Now

Start Putting Dr. Lundell's Recommendations To Use. THEN Decide.

Because you have a full 60 days to "think it over" - 60 days to prove to yourself and your doctor, too! - That, the simple changes this book suggests you make in your diet are all you need to reverse the damage already done to your arteries and your heart, and eliminate your risk of heart disease - FOREVER!

Gaurantee Gaurantee

Here Is Our 100% Hassle-Free
No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If, after 60 full days of using the life-saving secrets revealed in, The Great Cholesterol Lie, you are not absolutely THRILLED with your prospects for a new lease on life - if you are not convinced this really IS the best book on beating heart disease you ever read - then, Dr. Lundell certainly doesn't want your money.

Simply drop us an e-mail, and state your case. No matter what your reason for dissatisfaction, your payment will be promptly refunded!

Look, heart disease can be prevented. And, even if you already have plaque build-up in your arteries, it can be reversed.

The Great Cholesterol Lie gives you the tools and the power to do it!

But, only if you USE it. (Sorry - no magic "pill" here). Nevertheless...

"It's As Close To A New Heart As You Can Get
Without Laying On Dr. Lundell's Table!"

Dr. Lundell knows that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." That's why he wrote "The Great Cholesterol Lie" in the first place.

Because he would much rather see you sitting on a park bench, reading his book, than lying on an operating table clutching to life by a thread - or an artery. And so would your family!

And remember, because of this 100% Hassle-Free No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back Guarantee, order The Great Cholesterol Lie is 100% risk Free!

Order Now!
Gaurantee Gaurantee

Dr. Lundell knows for the last 50 years, the cholesterol theory of heart disease has become firmly embedded in the minds of the American people (and worldwide!). It isn't always easy to change those deep-seated, erroneous beliefs. This book will do so but here's more .

How many questions do you have? Are you confused by all this? Well, now you'll hear 3 hours of amazing interviews as Dr. Lundell is asked every question imaginable about cholesterol, heart disease, statins, nutrition and inflammation. Hearing his impassioned answers will set you free from those old beliefs. You can listen on your computer or download each interview to play later .

Bonus Interviews

Dr. Lundell Holds Nothing Back In
These Interviews!

One Hour Interview With Surgeon
Turned Health Activist, Dr. Christine Horner

One Hour Interview with Jeff Caldwell,
Founder, Conscious Choices

One Hour Interview With Nutritionist,
Dr. Jonny Bowden

These special bonuses gifts are yours just for taking a look. If you are not happy with "The Great Cholesterol Lie", and request a refund, these gifts are all yours to keep! It's out way of saying, "Thanks."

Now you have no reason left not to at least take a look at this extraordinary book and a whole "body of reasons" to use the following link and order your copy TODAY.

Order Now!

Here's to greater heart health for you... starting today!

Dr. Dwight Lundell

PS - Remember... you accept NO risk when you order Dr. Dwight Lundell's The Great Cholesterol Lie. You are always protected by our exclusive Full 60-Day No-Hassle No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

PPS - Remember, too... if you order today, you also receive the following FREE Bonus Gifts, just for taking a look:

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